How A “Scared To Death” Singer Became The Most Confident Vocalist

Discover the techniques and strategies to OVERCOME stage fright, build CONFIDENCE, and become a super-confident church singer...

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How A “Scared To Death” Singer Became The Most Respected Vocalist

Discover the techniques and strategies to OVERCOME stage fright, build CONFIDENCE, and become a super-confident church singer...

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more!

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Are you struggling with stage fright when you sing at church?

When you get nervous singing for people, does it negatively affect your performance?

We both know that music is ESSENTIAL to the Mass, and that you’ve been given a leadership role at your church for a reason.

But are you letting nerves get the best of you?

And rather than singing that home-run Mass, you’re standing up there in a state of fear and paralysis

And burning down your thoughts, voice, time and energy being nervous rather than singing your best for the congregation.

Think about the fact that your whole community is paying attention to how you present yourself

They are really noticing you get more and more nervous ESPECIALLY when you make a mistake and can’t recover.

Even if you’re in a balcony, it’s still easy to hear this in the voice…

And this fear is all because YOU are afraid of what people think of you

Think of all the amazing things you’ve built in your life

But now there is this black cloud that’s over your life because you’re too scared to sing confidently in church

And you’re stuck with that black cloud…

Rather than actually taking the time to deal with Stage Fright, overcome it, and change your life

On the other side of Stage Fright (I can say from experience)....

Is happiness, service to your neighbor, service to God, freedom, even money, networking and bringing good people into your life

And you’re sitting here now completely terrified of what other people think of you, even people you don’t even know!

You’re afraid of a negative comment?

What if I was to walk you by the hand, take you past all that crap we talked about, and take you right to the outcome of getting past stage fright.

Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Carney and I’ve been working on teaching this for well over 10 years

I’ve taught thousands of clients online and hundreds who have paid me for these techniques

I’ve coached people in church settings, schools and on large and small stages to get over their stage fright

What I do is teach you a combination of techniques that professional singers use to become ultra-confident on stage. We will work on your MIND, BODY and SOUL.

You might think it’s all just vocal technique, but what’s going on in your mind and heart is over half the battle!

I’ve put together a comprehensive online course that will take you from where you’re at to overcoming stage fright for good.

You can start RIGHT NOW, start watching the videos and learning how people like you have overcome stage fright.

I want you to get the same results as them!

So let’s get you there RIGHT NOW!  Click here to start.

I don’t want you to go another moment letting this solvable issue mess up your life

Click the link below and I’ll see you in the program!

With Fearless Voice, you will learn:
     *How to sing confidently even if you are a shy or nervous person
     *Techniques for managing anxiety and negative thoughts while performing
     *Mindset exercises for staying present and focused even if you made a mistake
     *Breathing exercises for relaxation and control
     *The Competitive vs. Collaborative mindset
     *Voice warm-up strategies for singers
     *Body language and posture skills to boost confidence
     *Tips for practicing effectively and efficiently
     *The exact performance notes I use to reduce stress with difficult music
     *What stage fright really is and how it is triggered
     *Tips for interacting with the congregation without getting nervous
     *Strategies for handling mistakes or unexpected situations
     *How to use the stage and your surroundings to your advantage
     *How to set personal goals and track your improvement
     *How to connect emotionally with your audience for engaging worship

My course is designed to be flexible, so you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Don't let stage fright hold you back any longer.

Sign up for Fearless Voice today and unleash your true potential as a fearless and confident church singer.

I am so confident that you will love my course, I am willing to take the risk for you…
If for any reason you don’t see improvements within the first 30 days, please ask for a refund and it will be given to you with no questions asked!

I hope you enjoy the course!

Dr. Michael Carney (Mike from Music Ministry 101)


"I found "Fearless Voice" to be very helpful while cantoring at Masses. The course has given me the tools needed to have confidence while being a cantor. The topics regarding breath support and visualization were excellent. "Fearless Voice" is a course that is a huge confidence builder for any singer." - Dennis

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