Watch the video and learn how to achieve proper flow, diction and breath support in just minutes a day.

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Develop Professional Vocal Technique without spending thousands on voice lessons

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Professional Voice Instruction without paying $60/hour for voice lessons. 

“Michael has created an extremely useful service for cantors and church singers, whether it be at the beginning of their journey or they are already established singers. Singing the Word of God with clarity and beauty as well as leading a parish in sung prayer is a very important part of a church Mass or service. Michael provides expert tools to help singers deliver the messages with excellent vocal technique, clear diction and proper phrasing. This is a wonderful resource!”

- Kate Hardman, Soprano and Voice Teacher

"A nice distillation of the art and practice of singing for cantors, or anyone who sings. Delivered non-pedantically and with enthusiasm, the course covers a great range of topics with simple, clear explanations and graphics. As a seasoned (19 years) adult cantor, I have used many of the approaches and techniques represented in the course and still find much to help improve my performance."

- Jim Lawrence, Cantor of 19 Years

Order Now for $97

"I have had 4 years of professional voice training, and I learned new things in this course!  Whether you've been singing for 2 years or 10, as a cantor or in the choir, you can benefit from Advanced Vocal Technique for Cantors. Mike simplifies the fundamentals, then leads you to maximize your sound in the best way possible." 

- Gessica from Spiritual Cantor

"As a life-long member in community and church choirs, I've recently had an interest in becoming a cantor.  Without time or resources for regular voice lessons, I stared searching online. Now I've been using this course for a few weeks and what an improvement!  So affordable and presented with easy-to-learn techniques.  I can't believe how much confidence this program has given me. " 

- Cathy Doner

"It was during the pandemic that I decided to take AVT. I have been a cantor for many years and thought I was doing a fine job until I took AVT. Everything just started to become clearer to me and I was understanding that it was so important to feel and understand what you are singing so as to minister to the people in song. This whole program from Music Ministry 101 has been a God Send to me.  One strength is understanding that breath control is extremely important to staying on key and proper phrasing. I have definitely gained vocal confidence."


"Quick compliment: your Cantor class is already bearing fruit, and I am only a handful of lessons in. I had the honor of cantoring the first public Mass at church last weekend and never felt or sounded better."


Hi friend,

I’m Mike.  I help church singers engage their congregation by finding their best voice so they can help others praise God!  If you're like most church singers, you want to sing clearly and beautifully...and with confidence.  But, can you do that if you're worried about hitting the high notes, OR having to catch a breath in the middle of a phrase, OR worse, you physically feel your muscles tightening up after singing for a while?  I'm here to tell you there's never been a better time for you to get your vocal technique on point.  I've created this program for people just like you!  Join me today and get the training you need to master vocal technique.  You can join today with no risk:

30 Day "No Questions Asked" 
Money Back Guarantee

If you can’t honestly say that your vocal technique hasn't greatly improved and given you more confidence in your voice, I offer a 30 day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Go ahead and sign up. Watch all of the videos, implement the lessons and techniques, and if you don’t enjoy the results within the first 30 days, I don’t deserve your money.  Simply contact me within 30 days of your initial purchase and I will refund your entire order immediately.

No guilt. No hard feelings.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

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2+ Hours of Video Training

Learn professional vocal technique including: how to sing without running out of breath mid-phrase, how to improve your tone, how to improve your message delivery.

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You will learn proper vocal technique through your own first hand experience.  In this training, I walk you through many exercises step-by-step and teach you to assess your results.

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Easy To Follow

You can't see your voice, so I break down "unseen" vocal mechanisms into easy to understand concepts.

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Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Carney and I am a full-time Church Music Director and conductor.  My passion is to use my university education to help church choir members and cantors reach their highest potential.

When I think about it...Advanced Vocal Technique is an insane value considering a single hour-long voice lesson would cost $60.  A year of weekly voice lessons with a professional would be over $3,000.  For professional results - seek the professionals.  

I know that once you see exactly how I teach vocal technique, you will love to increase your skills with greater confidence having all the tools needed to produce truly great results!

Dr. Michael Carney

P.S. Where will your vocal skills be 3 months from now if you don’t change the way you approach singing? If you don’t invest in Advanced Vocal Technique, can you guarantee that you will reach your goals of clear and confident delivery of the message? Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. Your music deserves better. YOU deserve better.

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Order now and receive a third Bonus Training: "The Evolving Singing Voice" with Dr. Karen Brunssen.  In this training, you will learn what to expect from your voice as you age and how you can reduce the affects of advancing age on your voice.

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