Music Ministry 101 Training Programs

Are you looking to improve your vocal technique without taking costly voice lessons?

Are you looking to save hours of practice time by learning how to sight read music?

Are you a new choir director looking for a professional education?

Hi, I'm Mike from Music Ministry 101 and I have coached thousands of singers to discover their BEST VOICE so they can 

more effectively SING GOD'S PRAISES!  I have spent 10 years in higher education (music) and committed myself to bring YOU the knowledge and skills the professionals use.

All of my programs are highly valuable and complete systems to take you from Point A to Point Be.  C onsider investing in YOURSELF and your congregation today!


Advanced Vocal Technique

Training Program

Learn how to DOUBLE your breath support, resonance and English Diction WITHOUT taking expensive voice lessons so you can sing more CONFIDENTLY and EXPRESSIVELY.  Cut your learning time in half by using the exercises the professionals use.

Advanced Vocal Technique Training Program

How to Sight Read Music

Learn how to SING ANY NEW PIECE AT SIGHT without listening to recordings over and over again by using the skills taught in music conservatories.  I teach you the FASTEST way to learn new music and give you exercises to guarantee you master the skill!

How to Sight Read Music

Choir Essentials for Choir Directors

Choir directors: Learn how to recruit, teach and motivate your choir members until you get your DREAM CHOIR.  Get the "tricks of the trade" from an experienced choir director and save yourself years of headache!

Choir Essentials Training Program

Private Coaching

Mike will take you through a customized curriculum to MASSIVELY improve your results as a music minister.  Working with Mike directly is an intense but nurturing experience.  If you are looking to improve the FASTEST, this program may be for you.



Mike's Private One on One Coaching

Advanced Vocal Technique

Double your breath support, resonance and clarity.

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How to Sight Read Music

Learn how to pick up any piece of music and sing it AT SIGHT.

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Private Coaching Group

Get coached directly by Mike for 12 intense but rewarding weeks.

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