Choir Warmups #8: Vocal Warm Ups for Choir (Diction Warm up)

In this blog post, I am going to teach you one of my top Choir Warm Ups.

This is called the Diction Warm Up and it is essential to helping your choir sound their best...

This choir warm up focuses on getting clarity with words and diction.

Basically, your choir needs to learn how to express their consonants clearly and efficiently.

In previous warmups, we focused on vowels like "Vee" and "Ah", but this warm up is more about the consonants...

To do this warm up with your choir is very simple.  All you have to do is:

1) Watch the following video

2) Download the Essential Choir Warm Ups cheat sheet

3) Try this warmup with your choir the next time you see them!

4) Observe the results.  You will notice an immediate positive difference if you do it right.  Notice how your choir might annunciate the words more clearly since they are more focused on diction.  These warmups are basically guaranteed to work!

Click below to watch the video:

 Ok, great job!

Now you have a great warmup to try with your choir!

The next step is to get my Essential Choir Warm Ups cheat sheet so you can keep track of the warmups we learn.

Here's a link to the playlist where I demonstrate all of the warmups I use with my choirs.  I will be posting a new choir warmup each week for at least 10 weeks!

I hope this warm up helps your choir and please comment below if it has been helpful!

Happy Singing!

Dr. Mike


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