Voice Lessons vs. Online Training Programs

vocal technique Oct 30, 2023


Do you want to improve your vocal technique?

Do you struggle with breath support, good tone or other common issues?

If so, what is the difference between traditional voice lessons and taking an online training course?

In this article, I will be sharing some of the pros and cons of each method.

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Ok, here we go!

Option 1 is taking voice lessons with a local teacher.  You could go to their studio once a week and work on various pieces of music together. They would teach you vocal technique in-person. 


1) Direct feedback/interaction - your teacher can hear how you sound and make adjustments on the spot

2) Results - with an expert vocal teacher, you have the greatest chance of improvement.  With a poorly qualified teacher, you could learn some bad singing habits.

3) Accountability - your teacher can help you stay accountable to practicing regularly and give you support when you need it most.


1) Expensive - likely $2,000-$4,000 per year depending on the teacher and their qualifications.

2) Once you stop paying, the service stops - you don't have lifetime access to their knowledge and education like an online course

3) Quality - You may be limited by the quality of voice teachers in your area.  With online education, you can choose your teacher because it's online. Also, you can't usually read reviews about the voice teacher until you start taking lessons with them.

4) Time commitment - Expect to spend a couple hours each week going to voice lessons (including getting ready and driving) as well as numerous practice hours.  You always want to be prepared for your teacher if possible.


Option 2 is taking an online training program that teaches vocal technique. In the case of my program and most others are similar, you can log into Music Ministry 101 and see all of the course videos at once.  From there, you can work through the program step by step to learn about how the voice works, breath support, english diction, the warm-up and so on.  You have lifetime access to the program.


1) Cost-Effective - $197 for the Advanced Vocal Technique training program (right now this is 50% off with the code "SPOOKY50" so it's really $98) 

2) Flexible time commitment - With this model, you can put in as much time as you want.  Recommended practice time would be 25 minutes per day for 5 days per week.  But, if you get too busy, you can put the program down until you have more time.

3) Reviews - With an online training program, you can more easily read reviews about the program.  For my program, you can read some on this website

4) Privacy - Some people prefer the privacy of online training without the pressure of a live instructor.


 1) Self-Directed - I put this as a con because not everyone is good at taking the time to DO the exercises and learn the techniques.  If you want success, you have to be self motivated.

2) Limited personalized feedback.  Unless you get the Halloween VIP bundle which includes a Personalized Vocal Critique, you won't get direct feedback and instead you will be working on the techniques on your own.

3) Lack of accountability - without meeting a voice teacher in person, you are only accountable to yourself.  Your results are up to YOU!



Voice lessons with a live teacher offer personalized feedback, real-time interaction, and accountability, which can be beneficial for improving your singing skills. However, they can be much more costly and less flexible in terms of scheduling. On the other hand, online training programs offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a wealth of resources, but may lack immediate feedback, accountability. The choice depends on your goals, learning style, and budget.

I hope that helps!

Dr. Mike

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