WHY singers sing FLAT?

vocal technique Jan 22, 2024

Do you ever struggle with singing FLAT?

So many singers tend to go FLAT, especially when they are going for the higher notes

And surprisingly, it’s not because they can’t “hear” the note

In this short article, I'm going to teach you WHY most singers go flat - so you can figure out if you've got one of these problems!

95% of the time, going flat is one of these three causes:

  1. They are pulling up the chest voice, the bottom part of the voice, to reach those notes. Pushing up too much vocal weight.

You can’t do that!
Remember, as you go up in pitch, your vocal folds have to stretch, elongate and thin

I didn’t make that up - It’s physics.

If you don’t let that process happen, you’re fighting your own voice

  1. Not enough space in the mouth/throat.

As we get higher, we need slightly taller vowels

A little bit more yawning space…

Or else, again, you’re not letting your voice do what it wants to do

  1. Not enough air support

In order to hit the right notes, we have to have the right support for our vocal cords

It’s like having enough gas in your car to get to work

Not only that, you have to push down the accelerator pedal with enough force to GO

But here’s the good news: these issues are all solvable with the right vocal techniques

I hope at least learning WHY this happens can help you figure out if you need to work on this!

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