How a “scared to death” singer became the most respected vocalist.  This overlooked skill gives you massive vocal confidence while saving you precious time...

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Do you struggle to read music notes?

Do you learn new songs by listening to recordings over and over again?

In a choir, do you wait a split second before singing so you can hear the right note from your neighbor before screwing up?

*If so, you just struck “Musical Gold” with what I’m about to show you!*

When I first started college, I decided to sing in the University Chorale

While it was a good experience, I was constantly feeling embarrassed and behind because I couldn’t read the music notes

I remember being terrified to sing a wrong note, especially with any new pieces of music that I didn't know

I tried everything I could...

Like when I got to choir practice, I positioned myself near the strongest and nicest singers, hoping to hear the notes from them first to avoid mistakes

For months of singing, the fear of hitting the wrong note loomed over me, hurting my ability to fully express myself through song

I hesitated to sing. I waited. I was nervous... and I tried not to make a mistake.

I knew that I had a lot more to offer vocally, but my inability to read notes was not letting me reach my potential

At the time, I believed my struggle was a confidence issue - Why couldn't I just sing more confidently?  Am I a shy or nervous person?

Then I had a major revelation which changed my musical journey...

While talking to a friend in my section, he said to me:

"I noticed you always seem real stressed trying to hit the right notes.  Why don't you just learn to sight read?"

In an instant my world changed forever..

The Revelation of Solfege

Learning sight reading was my breakthrough moment, unlocking a world of musical independence and confidence

To solve my problem, I signed up for a class in Sight Reading where I learned the ancient system of Solfege (the key to sight reading).

Solfege is a globally recognized music reading system, taught in almost every music school in the world

With solfege, I no longer needed to wait for someone else to sing first. 

I could “hear” each note in my head before I had to sing it!  It was magic!

I could read the notes on the page and confidently sing them without hesitation.

How does Solfege work?

Solfege is a musical system that assigns syllables (such as do, re, mi) to each note of the scale.

By learning solfege, you automatically learn the skill of Sight Reading new music.  

Once you learn, you can look at a series of notes and hear how they sound instantly by seeing how the notes relate to each other and applying the Solfege syllables "do re mi".

The benefits of mastering sight reading through Solfege were nothing short of extraordinary. 

First and foremost, my newfound skill gave me a sense of vocal confidence that I had never experienced before. 

I was no longer shackled by the fear of hitting the wrong note, I could explore the full range of my voice.

No longer a note-follower, I became a note-leader, contributing to the sound of the group.

No longer unable to read notes, I could sing the music at sight

No longer trying to sit next to strong singers, others tried to sit next to me!

No longer spending hours of time listening to recordings, I could read and sing my part

Sight reading even helped me join a better choir - which had a Sight Reading audition requirement!

 How can you learn Solfege?

The way that I learned solfege was through a music class in college

But to help people like you, I took what I learned and put it into an online training program called “How to Sight Read Music”.

This is an online course which teaches you how to Sight Read music in a video instructional format with practice exercises.  You will have lifetime access to the course and only need a smart phone, tablet or computer to access it.

In “How to Sight Read Music”,' I guide you through learning two essential skills: Reading music notes from the beginner level and mastering the art of sight reading music using the solfege system.

Even if you know NOTHING about reading music, this program will teach you everything you need to know to sight read new music.

If you can already read music notes, this program will take you to the next level and teach you the solfege system for Sight Reading.

It works remarkably well and helped me go from the “scared to death” singer to the most respected in the group!

I want to emphasize - anyone can learn this skill and in fact, every collegiate music student goes through this process to learn solfege and the skill of Sight Reading

Ready to transform your musical journey? 

Join “How to Sight Read Music” by pressing the “Get Instant Access” button and checking out with any credit card or Paypal account.

If you prefer to send in a check or money order, please email me at [email protected] for more information

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What you get in the course:

8 Core Video Lessons

The 8 core lessons teach you how to read and sight read music.  They include many guided practice examples.  We will be counting, clapping and singing examples together.  I filmed these lessons for a live audience, so I will even answer common questions found in the audience.  The course platform keeps track of your progress and makes it really easy to work through the program. Of course, you can always go back and review as needed.

Printable Practice Exercises to Reinforce Each Lesson

Each of the 8 core video lessons includes a worksheet with practice exercises.  You can print and complete the practice exercises to further your skills and make sure you are on track!  These exercises will help keep you on track. If you ever have questions, you can leave a comment in the program and I will respond directly to you.

Printable Cheat Sheet Downloads for every sight reading situation

These beautiful Cheat Sheets will give you the step by step processes, terminology and lookup tables you can use to support your growth.  Did you just get a new piece of music that has 5 sharps, difficult rhythms and you aren't sure what to do?  These cheat sheets will help you through every music reading situation.

Additional Benefits of Sight Reading:

Sing with Confidence and Expression

Sight Reading allows you to focus on vocal technique and expression without worrying about reading the notes

Save Valuable Time

Sight Reading saves you time because you don't have to listen to recordings to learn a song - you listen when you WANT to!

Become A Leader

Sight Reading allows you to be a leader in your choir.  Your choir friends will love you because you can get the notes before them!

Order Now And Try Risk Free for 30 Days

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Get Instant Access for just $97

What People Are Saying:

"How to Read Music" does what it says by being a helpful tool to teach you to read music.  Pitches, rhythm, and musical terms are all discussed in an easy to understand manner, so it is perfect for beginners trying to learn to read music.  There are helpful exercises in every section to give on-hand practice for each participant.  These exercises are included within the lessons, and there are print out versions as well for you to practice on your own time.  I found the tips regarding singing intervals to be the most helpful for my own sight reading, which is where I have struggled in the past.  I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to learn to read music at sight! - Melissa

I really like that in your course, you are very clear and detailed and the pace you go in is just right for learning. You explain the material so well without any extra confusing details, and you make it seem so easy and simple! The pdf worksheets are a huge help!  -Oksana

I found the course to be very informative and extremely easy to follow. I feel that anyone that sings either in choir or is a Cantor, will benefit from the course regardless of whether you’re new to singing or if you have been singing for a long period of time.   I have been in my church choir for 12 years and a cantor for 5 years and I would highly recommend this course. I have learned some techniques that Mike shares that I know will make me better as a cantor and a more rounded member of my choir.  - Tony

You have a really good program here, especially for beginners.  I really appreciated how you made the reading of music something “normal”, not like it’s another language or that it’s written in code.     - Debby

I was blown away by your lessons in this program!  Your clear explanations, with humor, taught me so much.  I especially liked the 8 week guide to track my progress.  Small bits of time, rather than large chunks, are easier for me to manage.  With thanks, Ann

Warning: This course can help you become a more confident singer

After working with hundreds of singers in person and thousands online, I can tell you that sight reading is one of the top 2 skills every singer should master (the other is Vocal Technique).  I can't tell you how many times I've worked with someone who has a GOOD VOICE but can't sight read music.  It makes me think "well we could do this piece or that, but it will probably take too long for them learn it."  I know that sounds harsh, but I regularly rely on singers to have a good sight reading skill.  

About the Instructor: Dr. Michael Carney has been a music educator for the past 20+ years.  Michael is currently the Director of Music at Trinity UMC in Springfield, MA, and Director of Orchestra and Wind Ensemble at the College of the Holy Cross.

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