How to become a great sight reader (and not wait for your neighbor to sing first)

Attention Singers!

I want to tell you about the one overlooked skill that massively changed my singing career...

In 2005… I first joined a collegiate level choir, it became painfully obvious that I needed to learn more about sight reading (even though I could already play piano!).

Every rehearsal we would be looking at some brand new music and I was the guy that would wait for the singers around me to “get the right note”, and then I WOULD SING A SPLIT SECOND LATER. 

I was really embarrassed and had many thoughts like "Is there something wrong with me?"
"Why can’t I figure out the pitches as fast as the other singers?"

These are questions really bothered me…

After every rehearsal, I would go home and listen to our music OVER and OVER until it finally stuck in my head.

I finally had ENOUGH, and I started talking with the student singers who were getting all the right notes

They told me about how they had taken ear training courses which improved their sight reading skills.

So, I started to look at new pieces ever day to practice sight reading….but….I wasn’t getting any better on my own...

I didn’t know HOW to learn and practice Sight Reading…

So, I started taking sight reading courses in college and became a master at Sight Reading!!!

Fast forward 20 years to now.

Nowadays, I can open just about any piece of music and sing any voice part… It doesn't matter what key it's in, what time signature or how difficult!

It’s super clear now that sight reading is the only way to be a comfortably competent singer

Learning to sight read boosted my confidence in the choir. It also lets me focus on other things…like expressing the music and mastering my vocal technique

So how did I learn to sight read and more importantly, how can you learn sight reading?

I learned by paying thousands of dollars to attend college and take sight reading courses…haha.

If I could just offer you an easier method, it would be the following.

As a choral director, I've taught sight reading to singers for nearly a decade, I decided to put all of my knowledge, techniques and skills into ONE PROGRAM that will teach YOU the art of Sight Reading.

It is called “How to Read Music” and teaches you everything you need to know about picking up a new piece of music and reading it at sight!

I've loaded the program with "tricks of the trade" that singers use on a daily basis to read down pieces of new music with ease.

My program is geared towards beginner sight readers and will help you get ahead of the game so you can focus on expressing the music and even enjoying the process!

I just launched the program again this week, so you can find a very special offer on my website. I like to say it’s an Easter offer because it’s ending on Easter night at 11:59pm!

Click the link below and see my Easter Offer!

Mike from Music Ministry 101


Here's what a few people said about "How to Read Music"

Your program has changed my life…and the life of my children” – Debby

“I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to learn to read music at sight!” – Melissa

“I found the course to be very informative and extremely easy to follow.” – Tony

"I am a 72 year old man with absolutely no music education experience whatsoever. But I love to sing. As a member of a choir, I find myself frequently intimidated by my more experienced colleagues who read music effortlessly. Dr. Carney’s enthusiastic approach to teaching how to read music awakens a childlike excitement that rekindles a familiar albeit somewhat dormant connection to learning. His skill in breaking down various elements of the musical process into edible bites is unparalleled against other programs I have considered.  His system is basic, methodical and buildable, leaving the student with no possible place to go except up.  (As a choir member as well as a visual learner, his course has allowed me to to more fully and freely participate by recalling the visual notations that accompany his lessons) Kudos, Dr. Carney, on a job well done!" - Ken


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