How to become a great sight reader (and not wait for your neighbor to sing first)

Attention Singers!

I want to tell you about the one overlooked skill that massively changed my singing career...

In 2005… I first joined a collegiate level choir, it became painfully obvious that I needed to learn more about sight reading (even though I could already play piano!).

Every rehearsal we would be looking at some brand new music and I was the guy that would wait for the singers around me to “get the right note”, and then I WOULD SING A SPLIT SECOND LATER. 

I was really embarrassed and had many thoughts like "Is there something wrong with me?"
"Why can’t I figure out the pitches as fast as the other singers?"

These are questions really bothered me…

After every rehearsal, I would go home and listen to our music OVER and OVER until it finally stuck in my head.

I finally had ENOUGH, and I started talking with the student singers who were getting all the right notes

They told me about how they had taken ear training courses...

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